Our Story

In 1965, Bertil Hult, EF's founder, was determined to develop a method of teaching English through discovery and activity – action learning. He took a small group of Swedish junior-high students to the South Coast of England to live the language – encouraging them to use their classroom language skills in real-life situations, and acquire authentic accents through contact with native-speakers their own age.

EF Language Travel was born and EF's innovative concept of action learning spread quickly. EF now offers language programs in 54 countries on nearly every continent and is now the world’s leading educational travel provider; offering students the opportunity to experience a new culture abroad, improving their language skills and participating in a full activity program.

Meet the Team

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Heather Young

Site Director & Program Leader

Heather's family has been hosting with local EF Educational Homestay Programs since her daughter was 1. She is now 10. She has welcomed at least two students or leaders each summer in those years. In 2015, Heather became a program leader and will be a site director for the first time in 2019. When she's not working with EF, Heather is a travel, food & wine writer and travel agent.


Candice Hubbard

Site Director & Program Leader

Candice is a special education teacher for Inspired Charter School and has two children.

Trudy Onings

Program Leader

Kristen Thompson

Program Leader

Cody Elmer

Program Leader

Cindy Condit

Program Leader

Next Steps...

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